Jowells and Stuart (Crossroads)

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The company was penalised R294,061 for a late submission of their 2009 Return of Earnings. They struggled for a year to get the penalty waived – without success. They then approached us for help. We had the penalty reversed in 2011.

    Compensation Fund’s new system

  1. We can help with reporting occupationally-acquired COVID-19. Clients: Irrespective lockdown, Covid-19 claims or any other changes, please continue to report all your claims to us.
  2. Claim numbers are being issued by the new CompEasy system.  Clients: Please make sure you have received from us and comply with the COVID-19 reporting policy.  
  3. Not all employers are registered and are able to obtain claim numbers. Clients: Please refer demands made on you (for confidential claim documents) to us.
  4. The new CompEasy is running although it is not yet fully functional. Clients: We have operated uninterrupted throughout and continue to do so.