Peninsula All-Suite Hotel

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The Peninsula All Suite Hotel in Cape Town is not only "unmatched in style and subtle elegance", it is also an employer in the eyes of the Compensation Fund and therefore reports COIDA earnings and pays annual assessments. This much is true unless the Compensation Fund raises an assessment which is ninety-times higher than it should, as it did in 2007!

After an unsuccessful battle against the authorities, the Peninsula All-Suite Hotel appointed us in 2011 to resolve the issue, which we did, receiving in September 2012 written confirmation from the Compensation Commissioner's office that not only had the incorrect assessment been reversed but that the R750,000 penalty and associated interest had also been reversed.

Obtaining COIDA letters of good standing is now no more a challenge for this prestigious establishment.

    Compensation Fund’s new system

  1. We can help with reporting occupationally-acquired COVID-19. Clients: Irrespective lockdown, Covid-19 claims or any other changes, please continue to report all your claims to us.
  2. Claim numbers are being issued by the new CompEasy system.  Clients: Please make sure you have received from us and comply with the COVID-19 reporting policy.  
  3. Not all employers are registered and are able to obtain claim numbers. Clients: Please refer demands made on you (for confidential claim documents) to us.
  4. The new CompEasy is running although it is not yet fully functional. Clients: We have operated uninterrupted throughout and continue to do so.