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When we built it, we were a little surprised to see how extensive our offering is. In our minds, we took most of these to be part of the global “Assessment Service” which, in turn, is just one of several such services.

Well, that’s enough of that. Enjoy browsing. We’re sure you’ll find a solution to your Injury on Duty headaches (or "challenges" if you prefer).

If you don’t, please drop us a line and we’ll do our utmost to be of assistance.

If you're an auditor or bookeeper and you need a suite of these services for your clients, please contact us for special arrangements (and preferrential pricing).

Product Listing

Get your Letter of Good Standing from the Compensation Fund. To be eligible for large contracts and government tenders and remain compliant.
Let us submit your annual COIDA Return of Earnings. There is a good chance we will save you a packet of money in the process.
Not correctly registered with the Compensation Fund? Not registered at all? If so, you're depriving yourself of an important right. And it's illegal.
Revive a company registration that's been hibernating. Typically needed after a company that has been dormant is resurrected.
If you're puzzled by - or need record of - your account with the Compensation Fund, we'll get it for you and give you informed feedback.
if your outstanding COIDA assessment is too much to stomach at one sitting, we can help to obtain a written, approved installment plan.
Change the Compensation Fund's records to reflect your current trading name
Changes to your business may require a reclassification.The fee involved is R2000.00 excl. VAT or 15% of the amount received (which ever is greater).
Errors in the earnings declared may lead to a reassessment. The fee is R2000.00 or 15% of the amount received(which ever is greater)
You assessment is blocked due to a pending audit. The fee is R2000.00 or 15% of the amount received (whichever is greater).
Our turn-key, full portfolio outsourcing service to a small business. Valid for a full year.

    Compensation Fund’s new system

  1. We can help with reporting occupationally-acquired COVID-19. Clients: Irrespective lockdown, Covid-19 claims or any other changes, please continue to report all your claims to us.
  2. Claim numbers are being issued by the new CompEasy system.  Clients: Please make sure you have received from us and comply with the COVID-19 reporting policy.  
  3. Not all employers are registered and are able to obtain claim numbers. Clients: Please refer demands made on you (for confidential claim documents) to us.
  4. The new CompEasy is running although it is not yet fully functional. Clients: We have operated uninterrupted throughout and continue to do so.